Written assignments such as essays, reports, and creative compositions are always part of a student’s academic program. Good thing there are various writing tools for students to help them produce good quality content in a simpler and more efficient manner.

These writing tools do not only assist the students in detecting grammar and punctuation mistakes but they also offer extra features to improve writing style.

Write Better in English: Writing Tools for Students

Below are some of the useful writing tools that are very helpful in creating top-notch papers:


Nowadays, this is one of the most popular writing tools that students are utilizing to create, proofread, and edit their essays and other written assignments. This platform is easy to use. You can just either paste the document or upload the file or formatting. Grammarly’s features include checking and providing the correct suggestions for punctuation errors, grammar issues, and spelling mistakes. It has also advanced features for checking your sentence structure, vocabulary suggestions, writing styles, plagiarism, and other professional proofreading services. An app for Grammarly can be also installed and added as a browser’s extension. You can use it for free but need to avail its premium plan to get access to its full features.

Writing Assistant

Similar to Grammarly, this tool provides features that help students and writers to improve their content significantly. It helps with the editing, proofreading, and improving the quality of a written paper.


Evernote’s major benefit is that it offers an advanced level of text editor for writing, editing, and storing files in one place. You can use this tool in various devices. You can also create quick notes and enjoy more of its available features when avail of its premium package.

Plagiarism Checker

Your articles and composition must be original and properly referenced. There are various free plagiarism checkers available online. One of these is the PapersOwl which is an essay writing tool that assists people who are studying in colleges and universities. Although you have to pay for this service, it offers an easy-to-use plagiarism checker which is free of charge.

Plagiarism checkers usually work in a convenient process. You can just copy and paste the text and then the tool will determine the percentage of the content uniqueness. This will show and highlight the phrase or phrases that have the ‘plagiarized’ parts.


WriteToLearn is a convenient and effective tool to improve the writing skills of the students. It aids students to practice writing different papers and provides customizes feedback regarding the quality of the content. So, how does this differ from the other tools available online? It offers you an immediate checking and evaluation of your paper, not just by checking grammar and spelling, but as well with determining the purpose and output of the work. Effective tips on how to improve writing are also given.


There comes a time when students experience issues with word meanings and their synonyms. Thesaurus is a great way to assist with that. It’s actually an online dictionary where students can refer for terms and their meanings. Of course, anyone who writes must ensure proper usage of words in a sentence. This platform will help expand and enhance a student’s vocabulary and eventually improve language skills in their academic performance.


This website helps students to write contents dealing with science and technology. It lets them search for sources, compile and organize data, and cite them appropriately. Plus, it also offers a platform where students can connect and collaborate with other researchers all over the world. Such a great place to find interesting and relevant updates and ideas!


Well, here’s a free private notebook app available to protect your drafts and ideas by saving them online. It’s convenient to use and students will find this very useful.

Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is a free writing tool which is designed with simplicity. Don’t let yourself just staring on a blank page! Check its features and start writing. Available options are also available on the top-left icon on its dashboard.


Quabel is a free writing tool with a simple and clean user interface. It allows you to focus and concentrate on your writing so you can come up with a well-written paper.

My Writing Spot

My Writing Spot is an online writing platform which provides a built-in dictionary, autosave capability, a word counter, and a place for collaboration and communicating with relevant writing sources.

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is an interface that students can try. What’s better with this is that it is available in more than 20 languages! It also has helpful features such as alarms and timers and alarms, personalized themes, sound effects, autosave, spelling checker, and more.

Writing school papers and assignments can be a daunting task, but with the help of writing tools available today, everything will be easier. So, start checking on how you can use them to produce high-quality content. Good luck!

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