We all have our favorite authors. They may excel in fiction, narratives, or have published countless books that up until now are undeniably unforgettable. Aside from their amazing imagination, advanced writing skills, and the passion for writing, there are also some tools behind their success. Want to know them? Read on and you’ll find the best writing tools for authors that you’ll surely love, too!

Best Writing Tools: Writing Made Easy and And Correctly


#1 – Microsoft Word

Who wouldn’t know and love Microsoft Word? I believe everyone has used it. It’s one of the most helpful writing tools from among the many other word processors out there. It is widely utilized for writing books and papers. It’s easy to use and provides helpful tools for formatting, editing, and almost all helpful essentials to produce better writing results. It’s reliable and easy-to-use, so, this is a tool you should not miss to have for your writing.

#2 Hemingway

This writing app does not only check the readability of your writing; it actually rates your content so you will know your errors and fix them. This will help you to write more professionally.

#3 – Google Docs

More similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs is an online tool can also be used for effective writing. It also offers writing and formatting tools and since this is an online tool, you will have the ability to share content with your team. It has the ability to give a shareable link and decide you what access is to be given (view, edit, etc.) You can also keep track of all the changes previously made so you’ll need not to fret if you accidentally deleted a part of your content.

#4 Grammarly

Grammarly is undoubtedly one of the most popular grammar checker available today. It provides practical advice for grammar including spelling mistakes, better word suggestions, and checking out passive voices.

#6 Cliché Finder

We may often use clichés daily but in writing, those are needed to be avoided. Cliches present vague creativity and meaning due to overuse and misunderstood phrases. Cliche Finder identifies the cliches in your content and helps you change it to something more original.

#7 Evernote

Evernote is another application authors and other writers must have. This is used for collaboration and a great tool for saving notes and research content.

What to Look for a Great Writing Tool

When choosing the best writing tool for your writing, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Is the tool user-friendly?
  2. How much does the tool cost?
  3. Does the tool offer templates that you can use?
  4. Does it provide helpful tools for formatting and editing your content?
  5. Does it have other features such as integrations and notifications for updates?
  6. Does it provide a better writing experience by having a distraction-free feature?
  7. Does the program provide the ability to collaborate and connect with your co-writers and team members?
  8. Does it have a seamless and reliable saving capability for your files?

Writing may be overwhelming at first, but with the help of the amazing tools available now, you will have the convenience of making your writing even better.

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