Writing can come in various styles. It can be creative, expository, technical, or others. To be able to entice and get people’s attention, every composition must be free of grammatical errors and interesting to read. For creative writing, the words and sentences must be powerful to either touch the reader’s hearts or tickle their imagination. One way to achieve that is through the use of figures of speech.

Figures of Speech Defined

A figure of speech can be word or group of words diverging from its usual meaning. It can be also a repetition or arrangement of words with literal meaning. It can be as well a phrase denoting a specialized meaning.

Figures of speech can enhance the imaginative and emotional power of words. They offer a great value especially in poetry and in creative composition.

The Common Kinds of Figures of Speech

#1 Simile

This is a figure speech which is an expressed comparison between things that have the same qualities. This is often identified by the use of like and as.

Ex.          Her smiles are like the stars shining at the velvet sky.
The murderer gave her a glance that is as cold as an ice.

#2 Metaphor

It is an implied comparison between things basically different but possesses some common qualities.

Ex.          Her son is a tiger when in wrath.
Intelligence is a dangerous tool.

#3 Personification

It is a figure of speech that infuses intelligence or feelings to abstract ideas of inanimate things.

Ex.          The wind gently kisses her in the middle of the vast, green fields.
The towering trees glance over the mysterious entity.

#4 Epithet

This is a word, which is often an adjective, that is used not to qualify things or give information, but to stress or point out strength and add effects to diction.

Ex.          Alexander, the Great
Blue-eyed morning, dethroned on his magical whip

#5           Apostrophe

This is a figure of speech wherein the dead are addressed as if living, or the absent as if present, or the abstract things as if they were persons

Ex.          Oh, World! I can no longer carry you on my shoulder!
Shakespeare, if you could only hear the power of words today.

#6           Hyperbole

This is the figure of speech which is an exaggerated statement which is made for effect

Ex.          Their crying reached the stars.
I am giving up now. I have already searched all the corners of the world and found nothing!

#7           Irony

This refers to a veiled sarcasm. It consists of using expression when the exact opposite is meant.

Ex.          Such generosity of yours overwhelms me!
I got my termination letter today. Wow, this is my lucky day!

#8 Alliteration

This figure of speech is characterized by the repetition of the initial vowel or consonant sounds; commonly appears like a tongue twister.

Ex.          When the session of sweet, silent thoughts

#9 Paradox

This comes in a self-contradictory statement. It’s a merely logical process where facts appear to be opposed to themselves.

Ex.          A rich man is no richer than a beggar.
I’m a liar. How did you know I am telling the truth?

These are just some of the figures of speech that give creative writing more flavor for the readers. So, go ahead and use them. They are definitely powerful in improving your English writing skills.

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