Always dreaming to be the next best-selling author? But hesitant that your English skills may not be enough to come up with a manuscript? You may find yourself having a hard time to find the right inspiration to start putting thoughts into words. No worries! We’ve come up with a list of ways on how you can improve and enhance your creative writing skills and get started with your first writing project.

10 Tips to Enhance your Creative Writing Skills

#Tip 1 Find and get inspiration from the things around you.

What you see, hear, and feel everyday is a source of inspiration. The world offers us interesting events that are just waiting to be crafted into beautiful writings. Don’t be confided inside your four-walled room. Go outside and take a walk. Look around and start asking yourself questions. What’s the story behind that old beggar in the street? What happened to the couple who used to be together but is now cursing each other? What’s the mystery engulfing that towering, old tree in the remote area in your village? You can write about everything around you. You’ll be awesomely surprised how ideas will start popping into your mind!

Tip #2 Read… read… read a lot.

Remember this: the more you read, the wider your source of inspiration will become. Read anything you can find inside your house be it an old newspaper, magazine, or story books. Be attentive to how each piece is written. Check the style how the sentences are written. Look at how the adjectives and figures of speech are used to make the writing more vivid. It’s also a nice opportunity to widen your vocabulary skills. Whenever you find a new word that you are not familiar with, list it down and find its meaning on a dictionary.

Tip #3 Write something daily on a journal.

Who says your life is boring and there’s nothing exciting about it? Everyone can write something about their life and everything that their daily experiences. You can write about your plans, your sentiments, your goals, and your aspirations. Time will come that you will be looking back at those notes and who knows, you’ll create an awesome story from them?

Tip #4 Criticize others’ literary pieces, books, and other writing output.

When reading a book, try to list down the best parts of the story. At the same time, consider noting down the flaws you’ve found on it and the improvements you can propose. How can it be more enticing? Are you satisfied with the ending? Did you enjoy the plot of the story? Evaluating someone else’s writing ccan help you understand the important elements of a great written piece. You can aim to review a book once in a month or more frequent so you can learn more about the different styles of writers.

Tip #5 Use visualization and imagination.

Your imagination is the one rich source of something you can write. You can daydream and visualize wonderful events and write a poem or story about it. With a vivid imagination, you can create a well-crafted story that can be promising and touching.

#Tip 6 Reward yourself for every writing goals achieved.

Try to to set yourself a goal. Let’ say you must write 100-200 words each day. When you achieve that goal, you will give yourself a reward such as watching your favorite file, buying a new book, or going out with your kids.

Tip #7 Write on things you’re passionate about.

How about connecting your writing with the things you’re interested with? Write an imaginary letter to your favorite actor if you love movies. Or, let’s say you loving creating DIY crafts, you can write the feelings when you have finished creating a masterpiece.

Tip #7 Do not worry about committing grammar and spelling errors.

There’s no perfect writing at the first try. Do not be afraid of committing spelling and grammar issues because you fix it after. There are various tools to correct grammar issues and are very much available today. Just focus on developing a heart-warming story and discovering the writer within you!

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