Most of us set goals of what we need to accomplish each day. However, not every day is a good day. We sometimes get disappointed because we feel unproductive and have not achieved the kind of results we wanted. Just like in writing, there come some instances where you failed to finish a content due to either having a writer’s block or losing the motivation to write.

So, to stop frustrating yourself more, below are some tips from the team here at Grammar Love.

Re-igniting the Passion to Motivate yourself in Writing

When everything seems at its lowest, the best thing to do is to take action instead of thinking negatively. Here are some ways on how to keep your motivation to write high-quality content.

Accept responsibility and learn to respect it.

Writing is both a passion and a responsibility. Accept it and be responsible for taking the actions to accomplish the assignment entrusted to you.

Remove all the distractions.

For sure, some of you are guilty of it. When you are to write, make sure to remove all distractions so you can focus on the topic. Avoid using your phone and do not use your social media accounts while writing. Engaging in social media platforms can consume too much time of your day until you also forget your priorities such as your writing assignment.

Be aware of the deadline.

When you know that you have a deadline, you will urge yourself to do better and faster. It will be also helpful if you can create your own deadline earlier than the real one so you can still have time to review and edit your work if necessary.

Create a strong commitment to writing.

Of course, you can’t write for 24 hrs with no break or rest. You’ll either suffer from fatigue or writer’s block if you do that. What’s best to do is to set the best time of the day when you will write. Make it a routine and stay focused on it. Your commitment must come with time management. The more you used to such routine, it will get easier each day.

Power up with some motivational tools.

In times you seem to lose that motivation in writing, you can check and read some motivational quotes and articles online. Some writers also have some pictures and banners of motivational or inspirational quotes on their desk or somewhere on their workplace.

Don’t deprive yourself of taking a break.

Do not be afraid to take a break. You deserve that. But make sure to adhere to your deadline. In times that there are no ideas coming to your mind, try to change your environment. How about writing in a different room or spend an hour with your other hobby?

Reward yourself.

Every after an accomplished project, reward yourself with something you love. How about a new book you will love to read? Or a new pen? How about treating yourself for a two-days trip out of town?

Writing is more than just putting your thoughts into words. It comes with some ups and down as well. What’s important is how you will stay motivated and keep creating great contents from your writing skills.

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