So, you are interested to write a book this 2019? Let me tell you something. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It’s challenging, but it’s rewarding. Even the most famous writers and authors have their own struggles with their manuscript, but they learn from it. They have overcome a lot of trials before they became well-known. You, too, can be successful. All you have to do is to be inspired and get started.

Writing a Book Requires Skills and Dedication…

Writing any content always requires the skills and dedication for you to be able to put into words that ideas that you have in mind. You might already have those rich thoughts in your mind but without your will to take action, everything will result in nothing. That is why you should be aware of how you can get started on your writing your first manuscript.

Writing a book is a process. Depending on what kind of manuscript you will be creating, there are formats and styles that you also need to learn. To learn more, read on…

1. Writing Commitment

You might already ask this to yourself: Can anyone write a book? The answer is yes. But the next question is the one that really contributes to a writer’s success: Are you committed to writing your book?

Writing a book is a project that requires your time and energy. Once you’ve decided to write a book you must ask yourself if you are ready to do so. Do you have the mental resources and the energy to do it? How much time you can delegate on it?

You should not focus on excuses. You need to have that commitment to get started and create something that will worth it.

2. How Much do you know about Writing a Book

You might be worried about what your book will accomplish and where you will publish it. Don’t worry because just like any other skills, writing a book takes time to develop. It requires practice and learning from your mistakes will be of great help.

You need to master various skills such as writing your first draft, editing, organizing your ideas, working on your final draft, and more.

An outline is a must. It will serve as your guideline to follow for better organizing of your ideas and turn them into a book.

3. Know the Purpose of your Writing

Whoever who will start writing must not forget the purpose of what he/she is doing.  Of course, you will have to spend multiple hours of researching, writing, editing, more rewriting, and more editing. It’s actually a big task that’s why it demands your hard work and dedication.

While writing, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I writing to enhance and improve my craft?
  • Is this book a passion project?
  • Will this book aid to establish my writing career?
  • Will this book provide significant value to my readers?
  • Am I writing to generate income from my book?
  • Am I going to do promotion, marketing, and publishing of my book?
  • Will this book help me turn to write full time?

No matter what your goal is, it’s important for you to know your writing purpose and stick to it.

4. Know your Target Audience

Who will be your readers? What kind of content and information they would want to know?

It’s an essential task to research your audience. Find out what your readers really want and what they are interested in.

5. Make your book content stand out

Come to think of it. There may be a lot of writers who also wrote about the same topic that you have. You may have the same ideas but you can make them stand out from the others. How? Well, you can add new ideas – those that the other books do not have.

Take time to research those books and check the reviews given to them. You will have an insight into what the readers expect and what they dislike about the content. With that, you can come up with ‘fresh’ ideas and put them into something more valuable your readers will love.

6. Make sure to be clear on what your book is about

Before you start writing, you need to establish what your book will be all about. First, you need to organize your ideas to come up with an outline.

Who will be your readers? How this book will be helpful to others? What can your book offer that others don’t? Why should someone spend their time and money reading your book?

Writing a book will be your own effort. It is free but publishing and editing are not. You need to allocate a budget for a proofreader, a graphic designer for your cover, and hosting fee (depending on your chosen platform to publish your book).

Please note: Today’s technology offers amazing tools and platforms that can help you minimize the budget. Check out Canva for the graphic designs you can use.

If you want to write a book that your target readers will enjoy, make sure to invest time and your passion working on it. It will be overwhelming at first, but in the end, it will be beyond rewarding.


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