When applying for a job, some may think that a resume is enough. So, why you should still need a cover letter. Your resume is intended to showcase facts while a cover letter is made to tell more about your personality. Simply put, it is an important part of a strong application to fill up what your resume is lacking.

Why do you need a cover letter?

A cover letter is your initial introduction to the person who may interview and hire you, that’s why it should be written as memorable as possible. You should create a unique cover letter for each specific job you are applying for. There are templates you can refer to but you should not use a single template for various jobs. Your cover letter format should also match the company you are applying to.

In addition, your cover letter must be always paired with your resume. Generally, it should compose the following:

1. The highlight of your experience relevant to the job you are applying to
2. Your familiarity with the company’s goals and background
3. A bit about yourself

A cover letter is effective when it has the following characteristics:

  • It has a memorable introduction.
  • It should contain specific, well-organized examples relevant to the jobs done and previous accomplishments
  • It must have a brief conclusion with an effective call to action

How to Effectively Write a Cover Letter in Five Easy Steps

Step #1: Include the correct contact information

Make sure to include the correct name and contact details of the company and the employer. It’s very important to get accurate information to show that you are really interested to work with them.

Step #2: Write a Direct Introduction

Your first paragraph must include a targeted introduction. Also, find out to whom you’re writing. In order to do that, you need to check the company’s website or the profile of the hiring person to make sure you’ll address them properly.

Step #3: Promote yourself as a potential candidate

Your 2nd paragraph must be about you and why do you think you’re fit for the position. This should be a response to what the job description entails. You must tell about your skills, competencies, certificates received, and the previous job experiences that are relevant to the job hiring.

Step #4: Tell why you can be an asset to the company’s future

It would be great to include in your third paragraph how you can contribute to the company’s effort to achieve their goals.

Step #5: Add a compelling call-to-action and a sign-off

Your last paragraph must be the ‘call-to-action’. Let them know that you’d love to get the chance to get interviewed. Thank them as well for spending their time to check and read the cover letter. Also, you can tell them that you’ll be in touch by following up in a week if you don’t hear back from them. You can imply conviction but not demanding.

Additional Tips in Formatting your Cover Letter

1. Use the 1” – 1.5” margins for your paper.

2. Use professional font styles. If will be also helpful if you can check the font style they use on their website;

3. Keep the paragraphs left-aligned and keep the alignment all throughout.

To check some cover letter samples, click here.

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