Journaling daily is one of the most powerful habits anyone must learn how to acquire. This process of daily writing down your thoughts and aspirations will make you better in every area of your life. Although most people give it a try, they seem to have a hard time of doing it consistently.

Top Benefits of Keeping a Journal

It’s about time to learn the benefits of keeping a journal so you’ll not miss doing it again.

#1 It enhances your creative potential

Josh Waitzkin, author of “The Art of Learning” shared how he does his journaling. After waking up in the morning, he will immediately write his journal for 30 minutes. This is because while he is sleeping, his subconscious mind is busy learning and scheming new thoughts and creative ideas. This strategy is also used as a morning routine of some of the most successful people in the world.

To be able to create a more creative flow of ideas in your life, free yourself from distractions such as social media and emailing too much. Instead, attach yourself from creative projects that you’re passionate in doing.

#2 Journaling leverages your ability to manifest your goals

Your journal is another way of reviewing and honing a bigger picture of your life’s goals and visions. The more often you re-write your goals daily, the more impact it creates into your subconscious mind. Eventually, your dreams will be more vivid and it will be easier to turn those dreams into reality.

#3 Writing in a journal creates a board for daily reflections

People often stuggle due to stress and fatigue they experience each day. As a result, this lessens their productivity level which leads them to failure of accomplishing what’s in their to-do list. With the help of a journal, you can make yourself evaluate what has been accomplished on that day and what needs to be done for tomorrow. It’s also very important that you will write everything that you learned and what you have experienced. Time will come you’ll open your journal again, read it, and you will find gems of thoughts from that journal entry.

#4 It creates clarity and stability

By keeping a journal, you will be able to evaluate what’s in your life. What needs to be removed or changed? What else can be added? Journaling can be a beautiful way of your self-discovery. It is not only a way of having more clarity in life but it can also improve your ability make smart decisions – big or small. Take your journal’s pages as the chapters of your life. You are the author so make the most of it.

#5 It clears your emotions

Various studies conducted have revealed that journaling can help reduce stress.It also aids in increasing focus, empowerment, detaching and letting go, releasing thoughts and emotions, and more.

During an intense emotional mood, you can write all your feelings in your journal and you’ll find yourself understanding better the emotions.

#6 Journaling increases your learning ability

Most humans often forget they hear and say. However, writing down the things you’ve learned, will help them retained forever. Thus, this simple act of writing increases brain development and enhances the memory.

Additional Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Some other benefits of journaling include the following:

1. It balances and harmonizes your life’s status.

2. It can help in healing relationships and reconstructing past events.

3. It helps improve sensitivity and self-trust.

4. It directs intentions and helps solve confusions.

5. It can also aid in interpreting dreams and symbols.

6. It unleashes new perspectives and open new opportunities.

7. It helps soothe troubled memories and turn them into more creative ideas.

8. It helps in seeing yourself as a valuable being with bigger potentials ahead of you.

When done correctly, writing on a journal will be an effective tool in becoming the person you want to be and design the life you want to achieve.

Happy writing!

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