Did you know that creative writers use the technique of positive affirmations to write better? We all know that writers experience the situation where there seems to be lacking the motivation to put their thoughts into writing. No matter how they urge themselves to write, it seems that their ‘writing juices’ are far from being accomplished. Good thing it is that there are affirmations that can help writers produce great content that can influence a reader’s unconscious thoughts and eventually lead to bigger success.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive phrase that conveysa truth or a goal that you want to instill in your mind.  It is usually written in the first person point of view and in the present tense.

So, how does this work? According to experts, once you cleared your mind and repeat affirmations to yourself out loud, this becomes a belief and will be created in your conscious mind. A great writer might use the phrase such as, “I am talented”, “I can be the next best-selling author” or “I will keep on writing until my manuscript gets approved.”

There are also writers who use famous quotes from authors to keep them inspired with their works and stories.

In today’s world of writing, competition becomes even tougher each day. A lot of budding writers keep on finding their own space for their writing career that’s why some aspiring writers tend to lower their self-esteem. In that case, a little positive talk to yourself using affirmations will create a massive success in covercoming self-doubts.

So, how do writers use affirmations?

Here are some short reminders on how affirmations are to be used by writers.

1. Keep them short and specific. There’s no need to make it lengthy. Just focus on one or two phrases that you can effectively incorporate them into your system.

2. Write or use them in the present tense. An affirmation is not a plan; it’s a goal set to be specified for today. For instance, instead of telling yourself, “By next year, I will be more successful than J.K Rowling”, you can affirm by saying, “I am getting better as a writer each day.”

3. Don’t try to cheat or lie. It’s best to use affirmations that are not close to lying. For instance, using “I am a top-selling author”, but you haven’t sold any book yet, then it’ll be better if you just use, “I am doing my best to get closer my goal to be the writer of the next best-selling book.”

4. Make it a routine to practice your affirmations. Affirmations can be practiced at any time of the day until it becomes a routine and automatic. Some people prefer to recite them first thing in the morning or before going to sleep. Some others say them while looking in the mirror or during the time when their mind is free from stress and interruptions such as during meditation and yoga.

6. You can write down your affirmations. Here’s to more of getting more creative. You can post them on your working table, stick them on your favorite spot at home, or put them in your wallet so you can carry them anywhere. Always seeing them will make them more solid and vivid in your mind.

Below are some examples of positive words or affirmations every writer can utilize to become better each day.

#1 I am a writer. Writing is my art.

#2 Constructive criticism strengthened my writing.

#3 Rejection is an important part of my writing success.

#4 I am creative. My words flow beautifully.

#5 I write each day with confidence and enthusiasm.

#6 I can visualize success, and I have the perseverance and talent to achieve it.

#7 I can be a renowned writer and at the same time successful with another career.

#8 I can use my imagination and turn them into an amazing writing.

#9 I am the one responsible for my own destiny.

#10 I can find inspiration from all things around me.

Creating a positive mindset through affirmations will not only aid you in achieving your goals as a writer. It can also benefit you in all areas of your life! Now, it’s up to you how to use them.

Happy writing!

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