Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms today. With its millions of users worldwide, it is no doubt that it is one of the best partners online entrepreneurs can have. It has a wide audience base thus, you can target your products and services to the right users based on age, demographics etc. Have you heard about Facebook marketing? It is one of the marketing strategies that online entrepreneurs are using to promote their products and services. To get the best results from your Facebook posts, you should consider some helpful tips.

Creating an Engaging Facebook Posts

Social Media Examiner states the following:

Generally, the Facebook algorithm will always prioritize posts with a lot of likes, comments, or shares, particularly if that engagement all comes in a short time. It will also prioritize serving content to a user if it has been liked by their friends, as well as posts types that the user either interacts with frequently or seems to prefer.

Here are some reminders for you to check when you are going to create your next Facebook post:

#1 It must have a clear goal.

Your Facebook post must start with a clear goal or objective. Do you want the post to encourage comments or drive traffic to the website? Or do you want people to click on the link to avail an offer? Whatever your purpose is, use an enticing headline to make people take action.

#2 Add a photo and a link

A post with a high-quality image entices more audience. With regards to a link to be shared on Facebook, make sure the page has an image that will appear in the News Feed. It’s the large picture which appears below your post along with the headline. It automatically appears when you paste the link.

#3 Your Facebook post must be concise, yet compelling

Use short yet compelling language. A post caption doesn’t need to be too long, readers may find it boring to read the whole post. it should be brief yet must contain powerful words. “Click-baiting” must be also avoided. Never mislead your audience with the links you include with the post.

#4 Don’t go too promotional

It’s not wrong to promote products and services on your Facebook page. The only reminder is not to make the page a stream of overwhelming advertisements. Your posts must be also comprised of 30-70% of promotional and value-added content. You can also share some posts with humor or anything that will make people entertained. Never share offensive posts. This may harm your Facebook profile.

#5 Your posts can be also motivational or inspirational

Research revealed that images with motivational or inspirational quotes attract more engagement. They can acquire more comments, likes, and reactions.

#6 Share posts that are genuine and relevant

It’s crucial that what you share is a genuine representation of your brand. You need to be clear and include a compelling call-to-action.

For effective Facebook post samples, check here.



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