You’ve been invited to your friend’s bridal shower and you really want to offer your sincerest congratulations to her. As a future bride, she would definitely love to receive amazing bridal shower wishes from her closest friends. Of course, you can give that to her by writing a bridal shower card. Need tips on how to do that? Read on to learn more.

Bridal Shower Card Etiquette: What to Write?

A wedding is one of the most special moment’s in a woman’s life. Thus, it’s only proper for a bride to have a time to relax, be free from stress, and celebrate her upcoming wedding with the excitement of her family and friends. A bridal shower is usually held one month or two before the wedding day. It’s an exciting celebration where attendees can share and offer their best wishes and congratulations to the bride-to-be. There can be also sharing of cute and memorable gifts during the bridal shower event.

Since a bridal shower is a chance to offer congratulations and best wishes for the bride-to-be, it’s best to get familiar with the bridal shower etiquette. You must know what to include in your message and how to effectively express it to the bride.

Most attendees prefer to write a card with a gift accompanying it. The more personal your message is, the more touching and memorable it is to the bride or to the couple. Tell her how happy you are for her and for the next chapter of her life as a married one. You can also give her a compliment such as how gorgeous she looks in her dress or how glad you are that you’re a friend of her. Share also the good qualities of the bride and tell how lucky the groom is to have found her. This is the time to make her feel special.

You can also write and share a significant story you’ve shared with either the bride or both of them. Especially if you’re close with the bride, you can write a bridal shower wish that is touching and sincere from your heart. However, you do not need to limit yourself. Feel free to be funny or unique. It will be an amazing part if you can let express and reflect on the message in the bridal shower card the kind of relationship you have together.

In addition, you can also include inspiring words and happy wishes in your bridal shower card. To end the message, you can use a famous quote about love or relationship or share a great advice that can help the couple as they wend their way to their married life.

Most importantly, put in mind that the bridal shower is about the bride herself. She may be experiencing some issues due to stress planning and overwhelming preparations for her upcoming wedding. As a friend, it’s also the time to make her feel that you are there to support her and that you’re excited to share the joy and happiness she deserves.

To conclude, there can be various styles of bridal shower card messages such as funny shower wishes, religious shower wishes, and more. What’s important is that you will write the message from your heart and convey it to the bride to make her feel special before her wedding day.

To see samples of bridal shower card messages, heads up here.

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