Making money online is still a hot, trending topic nowadays. More and more people want to know more about it and benefit from earning online strategies. One way to make an income online is by writing and selling eBooks.

Nowadays, eBook publishing has created waves on big opportunities for writers to sell their ideas. Of course, your eBook must be interesting enough to catch the reader’s attention. The topics you need to include must be informative and will answer people’s questions. But the most important factor of an effective eBook is that it will help solve a problem.

You’ve written your book, and then what?

Once you have put together all the ideas in your book, proofread, and formatted it, the next thing you will consider is where you can sell it. Do not worry because the online world is a vast marketplace. You just need to find and select the best platform where to put your eBook and make it sold.

Start Selling your Books Online

Today’s digital innovation becomes an effective tool to make your words and ideas turn into a source of passive income. There are platforms available today where you can upload and market your eBooks. Some of these platforms offer additional services such as designing, sales analytics, marketing, and others to help your book reach more audience.

Below are the top online platforms where you can sell your eBook and create an amazing stream income:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon, which is one of the largest marketplaces online has created Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It allows you to publish your eBooks on their Amazon Kindle Store where readers can access and read then on Kindle devices like Android, iOS, and more. Self-publishing here is free of charge and up royalties can be earned up to 70% on sales. There’s a specific Kindle format for your eBook so make sure to be aware of it before uploading.


Clickbank is another online marketplace where you can sell and buy digital products and more. This platform charges $1 and an addition of 7.5% for each sale. Customer Support is also provided to respond to product inquiries, general questions, refunds, and more.


CreateSpace is another member of the Amazon Group Companies. With CreateSpace, you will be given access to the free tools to assist you in designing your book and promote it to the most relevant distribution places including Amazon.  You can set your own pricing and take control of the royalties you can earn.

NOOK Press

Barnes and Noble offers free self-publishing to its NOOK e-readers and using NOOK Press. It lets allows you to take charge of the pricing of your eBook and the royalty rate you can earn.


Another interesting platform to let you create and publish eBooks is Lulu. In this platform, you can either create and format your own eBook for no charge, or pay Lulu to design, edit, and proofread it. When ready, you can publish your book on Lulu or convert it into a file that can be accessed and read on various devices.


Shopify is one of the most well-known eCommerce platforms nowadays. It lets you easily sell and manage orders for your eBooks. This platform offers templates with professional designs as well as analytics, SEO, integrations, and order processing.


Blurb is another platform you can try. It allows you to upload your eBook and then it will fix its layout to their format. You can also convert your book into other text documents and then make them available for other platforms such as Amazon and Apple.


If you’re looking for a simple platform where you can place your eBook, then you can consider PayHip. It offers hosting for your eBook and allows your customers to purchase it directly from there. It processes payments via Stripe and Paypal. PayHip takes 5% of each sales transaction.

When you’re passionate about something and would want to make it as a source of living, then writing an eBook out it can be one of your options. You can create income from it and at the same time help other people by giving them valuable information. Don’t just let your ideas stay stagnant. Create them. Sell them.

Cheers to your writing and self-publishing success!

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